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The Snack Box Room + Car Spray

Room + Car Spray made with phthalate-free fragrance oils in a matte black 4 oz. glass spray bottle.

Smells like: a juicy sweet blend of oranges and tangerines
Notes of orange, tangerine and agave

Ingredients: distilled water, fragrance, poly 20, preservative.

Directions: Shake before using. Do not spray directly onto fabric/clothing, hold the spray bottle at least 8-12" away before spraying. Keep away from children and pets. Do not drink.


In the kitchen cabinet of the condo where I grew up, we had something called a snack box. It was a big blue box that would be filled with all kinds of different snacks. My sister and I—along with all of our friends—would visit the snack box frequently throughout the day.

We would have all different kinds of goodies to choose from: cookies, chips, crackers, but the main snack that we always had in there were gummies. So many different brands and flavors.

My favorite ones were the Hi-C fruit snacks (that are now sadly discontinued) and this candle smells so similar to them. It’s a bright fruity scent with strong orange/tangerine notes and it makes me so happy.

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Want your candle to last longer with minimal soot? Make sure you trim the extra carbon build up on your wick before every single new burn (our wick trimmers are perfect for this!)

During the burning process, carbon builds up on the wicks. This is a normal process, however if you re-light a wick that has this carbon build up it can cause excess soot and heat. This yields a lower quality candle performance. If you have ever noticed black smoke sticking to the sides of your glass candles in the past, this is why!

So just make sure to trim your wicks to 1/4" when you notice this carbon build up on the wicks!

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