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The idea of starting Memory Box Candle Co. originated from a little box inside my closet. This box holds all of my memories from my past: journal entries, notes passed in class, letters, old photos, etc. I have always had a hard time parting with items because I feel like everything has sentimental value of some kind.

The experience of nostalgia has always infatuated me. I used to re-read my old journal entries in an attempt to try to travel my mind back in time to relive that moment again.

This is why I created Memory Box Candle Co. I wanted to try to capture my memories in a candle scent so that I could not only re-live them, but also share them with others. Every scent within The Nostalgia Collection has a story behind it, and I’m so excited to be able to share that with you today.

Erica Morris
Owner + Maker