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Mystic Visions 6 oz. Candle

Notes of patchouli, rose and amber; it smells like walking into a smoke shop.


I met my husband in 2012 at his job at a body jewelry store. At the time I was stretching my ears, so I would go in there every few months to get new jewelry. We shortly found out that we had so many mutual friends, and something just clicked that we were meant to be together. 

The store he worked at had a lot of cool things: posters, figurines, incense, dream catchers, etc. I had a dream catcher that my mom made me when I was a little girl, and I told Chris that I loved one of the ones hanging by the register. 

That weekend, he borrowed my car and put that dream catcher on my rear view mirror. We still have it in our room to this day.

If you love the smell of a smoke shop, you will LOVE this scent because it smells exactly like it!

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Want your candle to last longer with minimal soot? Make sure you trim the extra carbon build up on your wick before every single new burn (our wick trimmers are perfect for this!)

During the burning process, carbon builds up on the wicks. This is a normal process, however if you re-light a wick that has this carbon build up it can cause excess soot and heat. This yields a lower quality candle performance. If you have ever noticed black smoke sticking to the sides of your glass candles in the past, this is why!

So just make sure to trim your wicks to 1/4" when you notice this carbon build up on the wicks!

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Customer Reviews

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Brad Evans
Love it, perfect candle

I wish I had got the largest version possible. The fragrance throw is stellar and the candle burns so well. It arrived so quickly. It definitely felt like a treat.

For lovers of fragrance & nostalgia